How to make a Product Requirements Document (PRD)?

Product Requirements Document (PRD) is the initial document that describes the objective, features, functionality, and behavior of the product you’re building.


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Getting Started

A Product Requirements Document (PRD) is very important for product managers as it establishes a track for the release. It also ensures that you fulfill customer requirements on time. 

To start creating a PRD, you need to consider the four W’s:

  1. What do you want to build? 

  2. Why do you want to build it?

  3. When do you need it?

  4. Who are your target users?


PRD is typically created during the planning phase of product development before any actual development work begins.


  1. To plan out the product strategy, objectives, and scope.

  2. To assess the feasibility of the product idea and resources.

  3. To show how the product’s objectives will be achieved with the product.

  4. To help describe the product to all the stakeholders and bring them on the same page.

  5. To prevent project scope creep and random changes in project requirements.

  6. To answer what, why, and when of the product.

How to?

    1. Objective 

    2. Participants

    3. Requirements listed as User stories

    4. Target Personas

    5. Acceptance Criteria

    6. Timeline

    7. Exclusions

    8. Assumptions 

    9. Dependencies

Here's an example of PRD

Do’s & Don'ts



  1. Write concise requirements.

  2. Discuss with the related team members.

  1. Don’t write lengthy documents.

  2. Don’t create a PRD based on assumptions.


Suggested Tools 

  • GoogleDocs 

  • Jira


Other Related Best Practices

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