How to conduct a prioritization workshop?

Prioritization workshop is an activity of prioritizing user stories or work tasks in order of importance. This is done in agreement with key decision makers.


Typically, the time required to complete the prioritization workshop is 3-4 hours.




Design Manager, Product Manager, Product Owner, Development Manager.


Generally, the prioritization workshop is conducted:

Getting Started

In any project, many activities or requirements get piled up from time to time. The project could be at risk if these activities are committed but not delivered on time. The project could even fail without appropriate planning. Here, the prioritization workshop comes into picture.

Prioritization workshop is a useful tool for teams to come together and collaboratively decide which projects or tasks are the most important to focus on or should be prioritized. 

Prioritization Frameworks

Different frameworks are used in prioritizing work items. Based on the available information and what can be evaluated, a framework can be chosen.

A few popular frameworks are:

1. Value-Effort Matrix: 


2. RICE Method: 

3. Eisenhower Matrix

4. MOSCOW Method

How to?

Remember to stay focused on the objective of the workshop and encourage active prioritization from all team members. Prioritization workshops can be a powerful tool for aligning team priorities and ensuring that resources are allocated to the most important initiatives.

Do’s & Don'ts




  1. Communicate

  2. Consider priorities of all stakeholders

  3. User learnings from other projects

  4. Work towards consensus

  5. Each activity should have a start and end date.

  1. Don’t skip any items

  2. Don’t ignore any limitations or constraints

  3. Don’t prioritize everything

  4. Don’t overcommit in any way

  5. Don’t take responsibility of possible uncertainties



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