How to Conduct an Alignment Workshop?

Conducting an alignment workshop is the easy way to get all the stakeholders on the same page before starting a project.


The time required to conduct the alignment workshop is between 1 to 2 days.




UX designer, Researcher, UX writer, Design manager, Product manager, Product owner, Developer, Development manager.



The alignment workshop is usually conducted before gathering the requirements and after project planning.

Getting Started

For successful running of a project, it is important that the key stakeholders have a common understanding about it. To have all the stakeholders aligned on the details of a project in order to achieve the common goal, an alignment workshop is the key.

This workshop is conducted before starting a project.



Here are some general steps that could be followed in an alignment workshop:

Overall, the key to a successful alignment workshop is communication and collaboration. By involving all stakeholders in the discussion and developing a clear plan of action, teams can ensure that they are working towards a common goal and achieving success together.

Do’s & Don'ts




1. Prepare and have information for discussion in place.

2.  List out points that need agreement.

3. Use icebreakers to help people open up.

4. Ensure active participation from everyone.

5. Consider all participants’ expectations.

6. Be aware of the risks and delays while planning. 

1. Don’t start without a clear agenda.

2. Don’t rush to conclude.

3. Don’t conclude without considering all available data.

4. Don’t leave decisions for later.

5. Don’t delay in sharing the conclusions. 




Suggested Tools 

For In-person Workshop

For Remote Workshop

For Sharing Notes


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