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Build an Effective Team

Team building

A competent team fosters an environment of teamwork and collaboration, and enhances the work culture, leading to impactful outcomes and accomplishments. What framework can we use to build an effective team?

It helps to consider the following aspects early on -

1. Identify gaps in team competency
Teamwork is the ability to work toward a shared goal, participate actively, share responsibility and rewards, and contribute to the team's capability. Knowing each other’s competencies and identifying strengths and gaps can be instrumental in building an effective team.

2. Map talent with the project goals
Every team member brings their own superpower and makes a project successful. Every project has its own competency demand and mapping the right talent to engage makes the project run efficiently and effectively. You wouldn’t ask a graphic designer to conduct user research, would you?  

3. Assess real-time team competencies
How team assesses themselves can be different from how each member is actually manifesting competencies in real-time. Track and assess team performance on various parameters on an ongoing basis and help them to upskill and offer opportunities to utilize/allocate their competencies.  

4. Enable collaboration
The best motivation for a productive team is collaborative success and peer recognition.  Use technologies, methods, and tools to enable productive collaboration that brings out the best in each team member, drives transparency, productivity and fosters innovation.

Currently, there are multiple tools to help you build performant teams. However, there is none that focuses on design skills and competencies. At Cubyts, we are building the perfect platform to configure the right team, ensuring effective collaboration, integration, and remote working.