6 Easy Steps For Design Studios To Start Using Cubyts

Design studios tend to be smaller than product companies with in-house design teams. However, that doesn’t mean that design studios cannot benefit from the advantages of using DesignOps. 

Here’s a short read about how design studios can start using Cubyts in 6 easy steps.

Why do design studios need Cubyts?

Design studios work differently from the way design teams in product companies do. Teams in design studios work on multiple projects for multiple clients, often simultaneously. 

An efficient DesignOps platform like Cubyts can help these design studios streamline their projects, build useful knowledge and process banks, align the right resources with the right projects, budget better, and deliver higher quality designs to their clients.

Getting started with Cubyts as a design studio

Now that we know why there is a need for design ops in design studios, here are 6 easy steps to getting started with Cubyts as a design studio.

  1. Create a workspace for each client

  2. Save standard processes

  3. Create ongoing projects

  4. Invite team members

  5. Invite stakeholders

  6. Set up the repository

Let’s now take a more detailed look at the 6 easy steps for design studios to start using Cubyts.

  1. Create a workspace for each client

One of the more compelling reasons for the use of DesignOps in design studios is that studios tend to service multiple clients simultaneously.

Cubyts will allow you to create a separate workspace for each of these clients, ensuring there isn’t an overlap of interests between projects. Cubyts also allows studios to hand over the control of these workspaces to the account managers in charge of those projects. 

  1. Save standard processes

Another advantage of deploying DesignOps in studios is that it allows for the standardization of processes. 

Cubyts will allow studios to clearly define and standardize design processes based on customer needs. These processes can be saved and reapplied every time the same customer has a new design need. The studio delivers consistent design quality by applying the same process for the same clients. 

  1. Create ongoing projects

Whenever a client approaches a design studio with a new project, Cubyts enables the studio to create a new project and begin working on it. Cubyts also makes it easy for the studio to recall and apply design processes to the project in the case of repeat customers. 

  1. Invite team members

Using DesignOps in a design studio makes it easy for managers to allocate resources to projects. Cubyts allows managers to define the design vision of the project and assign tasks to different resources. 

This is especially useful when design teams have members in different geographical locations and time zones.

Cubyts allows managers to monitor the progress of the project as a whole and of individual resources. It also enables managers to enforce design best practices for resources to follow, ensuring high-quality design output on every project.

  1. Invite stakeholders

Stakeholders in a design project aren’t limited to members of the design team alone. Internal and external stakeholders could include product engineers, operations teams, and even product marketing teams. 

Cubyts allows the design studio the transparency needed for all stakeholders in the project to be able to monitor the progress being made. This enables more efficient communication between the stakeholders and makes collaboration easier.

  1. Set up the repository

One of the biggest advantages of DesignOps in design studios is that it allows for the creation of a repository to store training knowledge, processes, best practices, and more.

Cubyts allows design studios to create repositories that make it easy to recall any of the above assets in the blink of an eye.

The result of doing this is that every aspect of running a design studio becomes easier, including onboarding new designers, ensuring standardization of tools and processes, implementing industry best practices as well as being able to recall and reuse successful design processes.

Get Cubyts for your design studio today

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We’re sure you’ll find managing your design projects will become a lot easier, and that you will see a definite improvement in the design maturity of your team’s output.


The benefits of DesignOps are not limited to design teams in product companies alone. Design studios that work with multiple clients on multiple projects simultaneously can also greatly benefit from a DesignOps platform like Cubyts.

In this short read, we’re going to discuss why design studios need Cubyts, and 6 easy steps for design studios to start using Cubyts.