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Announcement: {New Feature} Manage Team Allocation Effectively With Cubyts


When a team of 100+ designers spread across the globe supporting hundreds or thousands of simultaneous issues and queries waiting and working, it is difficult to track the rationality of time allocation and team performance.

One of the chief problems for DesignOps Managers is the uniform distribution of workload, which grows as the team expands to multiple locations. Another common problem is the lack of visibility of talent competencies and skill gaps, which external partners can augment.

Now, design managers can effectively manage and track teams with Cubyts.

Efficient team management is about capacity planning and pragmatic allocations of your team. With Cubyts, it is easy to plan, estimate team effort and capacity, and allocate resources. Not only can you manage your team member’s project allocations efficiently, but you also track and manage their utilization. Here’s how.

Better organize your team’s working hours

On the team’s page, make sure you have set the work time settings as per your standard work hours and days for your organization. You can allocate your team member the number of hours and view hours of utilization under different projects and hence track and manage their team utilization effectively. Remember, only a super admin of the platform or workspace can change these settings.

Summary of team allocations

We’ve provided a top panel where you can have an overall view of project duration, total allocated man-hours, and overall resource utilization. You can change the allocations for each team member in the allocations column. Based on the total allocation limit that you set for the user and the activities assigned, their utilization will get calculated. 


A comprehensive view of team health

With project-level allocations, you’ll be able to see and maintain the optimal health of your team. Once the tasks are assigned to team members, you’ll be able to allocate their hours accordingly. In addition, you will also know if a member is under-allocated or over-utilized and make changes accordingly. This way, your team can excel at both projects and activities simultaneously.

Quick team allocation on roadmap view

Another way to assign and manage activities is through the project roadmap page. Here, you can assign a team member to the activity and change their allocation as you had done on the team’s page. It’s that easy. Go to the roadmap and click on ‘assign activity on the activity card on the Kanban view (Note: This function is enabled for all project owners).


View your team member's calendar to check their availability

Through this view, you can now have access to the calendar of all your team members to plan, allocate and track their work settings as per their schedule. In the member side panel on the Team Page, click on the calendar tab to check their availability.


Try this feature on Cubyts.

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