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Managing Organizational Knowledge

For an organization to emerge and thrive in the long term, a sustained sense of continuity and value comes through -

A design repository – If your organization is like most, it has a wealth of knowledge and expertise locked away in the heads of its employees. To tap into this valuable resource, consider creating a design repository—a place where people can share their ideas and best practices. Design repositories come in many shapes and sizes, from simple document libraries to full-fledged social networking sites. The key is to make them easy to use and encourage people to contribute. Here are a few tips:* Keep it organized. Make it easy for people to find the information they need by categorizing content and providing search tools.* Make it interactive. Encourage collaboration by allowing users to comment on articles, rate resources, and start discussions.* Keep it fresh. Regularly publish new content and highlight popular items to keep users coming back.A design repository can be a powerful tool for promoting organizational wisdom and knowledge sharing. By making it easy for employees to find and use relevant information, you can help ensure that your organization always has its finger on the pulse of change.

Access and reuse design artifacts Are you looking for a way to access and reuse design artifacts? If so, consider using the organizational wisdom of your company. The knowledge pool of an organization can be a great resource for designers. Organizations accumulate a lot of knowledge over time. This knowledge is often stored in the form of design artifacts. Design artifacts can include things like process models, design templates, and best practices. Reusing design artifacts can save you time and money. It can also help you to avoid reinventing the wheel. When you use organizational wisdom, you can learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

Define archetypes – Define and learn from common design patterns with the help of an AI. Quickly and easily generate the same content in the future once you’re comfortable with the archetype that emerges from those patterns.

Scale design function – Having all the content saved and stored at one common place enables to build a common source of artifacts and libraries which builds the standard design processes, templates, and frameworks. 

Cubyts, as a DesignOps Platform, continuously guide and recommend insights within or across the organization to make better design decisions, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the user experience of products & services and well-defined design systems and processes.