How to distribute project load?


Check out these different ways to plan & manage resources in a project:

  • By accelerating Design function in scaling organizations (increase in designers & ratio of designers to developers) — The role of design function is becoming more and more critical in scaling organizations. As Dave Malouf explains, “Our teams are getting larger, our problem spaces are getting larger, things are more intricate and complex, not just with the solutions we’re providing to users, but also the way we’re providing them.”

However, these tools are developer-friendly or related to task management and are not suited for iterative design work. Design tools and systems are wide-ranging, ever-changing, and increasingly complex — often resulting in bottlenecks. Plenty of design teams are reluctant to adopt developers’ processes and tools like Jira (as quoted by one of the design managers — Getting buried or blocked by Jira complexity).

Cubyts to scale design & plan, distribute and measure resources -

If you’re going to unlock design management success, you’ll need to identify and take advantage of the most appropriate design resource management tool out in the market. As we all know, there are several competing tools out there.