Institutionalize organizational learnings with Cubyts

Institutionalize organizational learnings

The main goal of knowledge management is to improve an organization’s efficiency and save knowledge within the organization.

Creating a common knowledge repository help organizations to have a single source of truth for all and have quick access to standardized design systems, brand guidelines, common frameworks, libraries of templates, and artifacts. Having such common repositories helps organizations to make past information easily accessible and reuse that information. It also opens the door for learning about best practices, recommendations, and overall organizational improvement.

Cubyts enables organizations to store, retain, share and have full access to the past projects and enables re-use of the content that is available in the repository, making the processes faster and easier. Such organizations are better able to respond to the changing market conditions, offer better services to their customers and increase their innovation and efficiency.

Key Features of Cubyts Organizational Wisdom -

1. Centralization
 A wide variety of content curated from multiple sources can be stored in a central location where it can be tagged, shared, and commented upon globally within one consistent interface.

2. Content management
The breadth of the content repository can include files, brand guidelines, design systems, assets, and best practices guidance.

Cubyts enables the addition of artifacts/documents of existing projects (design) to generate insights and make them searchable. 

3. Access control
At Cubyts, content can be accessed based on your role/ project/ workspace.

4. Standardized Design System
Having all the content saved and stored in one common place enables building a common source of artifacts and libraries which builds the standard design processes, templates, and frameworks.

5. Knowledge management
Finding, searching, and re-using content from past projects for faster and better decision-making and a more efficient workplace.

Cubyts, as an Intelligent DesignOps Platform continuously guides and recommends insights within or across the organization.