An Intelligent DesignOps Platform On How To Manage Design Project


Switch from tedious spreadsheet management. Adopt Cubyts.

Switch from time-consuming Excel sheets and tedious data manipulation. If you are a small design studio, use Cubyts to track your documents without overestimating hours. You know who you are; you’re the medium-sized service company that just received a grant, needing to track design artifacts, or the large organization with 100+ tools that needs to track data. Cubyts automates data management and analysis by taking the responsibility off of you and your team.

You’re feeling bummed because you keep thinking, scrolling, and searching. You keep adding files and artifacts when you should be able to find anything easily. You realize that you need to hide folders just so you can find the one file you’re looking for. The clock has gone for two hours, but you’re not done with your reports or finding insights from data. You have multiple versions, and you can’t remember which one is correct. There are other people who created problems with the data, but it’s hard to find out how you should fix those without giving up a whole weekend. Plus, there’s no way of adding up your team’s time on this project.

Managing Design Projects With Cubyts

Although spreadsheets and Figma are great tools for any organization, they are not the design management tool you need. Spreadsheets may become a time burden, and mapping or collaborating data with other teams can be tedious.

One common tool/platform is a better way to efficiently track information, collaborate, and strategize. Cubyts, a DesignTech platform, helps manage, codify & scale Design Operations. Cubyts targets to solve the universal operational challenges of every design team that is scaling rapidly. If data is updated once in Cubyts, it’s updated everywhere and notified to all the teams and stakeholders. In some cases, you can even track longitudinal history and where and when the change occurred through well-defined Roadmaps. Now, don’t you want that tool on your desktop?

Even though change can be difficult, be brave – it’s the right thing to do.

If you are experiencing “chronic tools fatigue,” it is time to update Cubyts!

Organizations must view, monitor, and track resources, data, and a roadmap view of all activities. And to provide a foundation – an infrastructure – for the future, it is important to develop design management best practices for your organization. Most organizations need to track those they serve, what they provide, and what impact the services have had. Forward-thinking leaders use this information to convey their value, target how they can improve their approach and outcomes, and attract new funders, customers, employees, and even volunteers. Our Design Maturity Platform will provide visibility, manage deliverables and measure outcomes of the design function, resulting in the enterprise’s customer-driven culture. Cubyts is the only design tool for designers to collaborate better, design, and measure products.

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