Align design outcomes to business goals through Strategy-led Execution

This is a quick guide to help you align your product team's goals with the business goals of your organization.

Design Impact

It is critical that every function in the organization is aligned with the overall business goals. Goal alignment, or strategic alignment, is the process that keeps every employee working towards the company’s overarching goals. Once the goals are established, steps must be taken to ensure that employees are informed about what they should be working on and why.

Here are some benefits for defining a UX strategy for your organization before starting any project 

  • Align members of the product team around a shared product vision.

  • Align UX goals with business goals. As technology transforms and improves ever more rapidly, so does design function and the adoption of new tools and features.

  • Ensure a plan to measure the organization’s successes and, failures.

Here at Cubyts, we set out on a mission to build a design-led product team that helps companies to strategize, track and measure design interventions. 

Here are some of the key features of a strategy-led execution -

1. Align Design Outcomes to Business Goals
Cubyts enables organizations to align design outcomes to business goals. Tieing designs back to business goals shows executives what’s in it for them (and the business). Defining the target business outcomes allows identifying metrics to measure success. Tracking the metrics will help the team to have a clear understanding of what their design outcome looks like. Cubyts integrates with various design metrics tools like Pendo, Hotjar, MixPanel, UserZoom, etc. for measuring the impact by calculating the RoI.

2. RoI Measurement
Cubyts allows demonstrating the impact & value of design with hard data from design metrics & RoI calculator. Tieing customer-focused initiatives to money and numbers show a better story than any other proof. Cubyts focuses on data and analytics, targets the right customers, and puts customers first in everything to drive metrics and showcase the strong RoI of customer experience. 

Cubyts allows the creation of strong case studies with data and hard numbers to tell powerful stories to executive management.