How to create a Project Plan?

Project plan involves defining and planning specifics of a project before starting the work to guide the team working on it.


Generally, the time required to create a project plan is 2-5 days.




Project Manager, Product Manager, Design Manager, Senior Designers


A project plan is usually created during the initial stage of a project where the project scope, objectives, deliverables, timelines, resources, and other important details are identified and documented.

Getting Started

After an initiative is agreed upon but not yet started, the project details need to be outlined. This helps all stakeholders align on the scope, expected outcomes, roles of team members, dependencies, important milestones, etc. 

Basically, the project details need to be defined before the work starts. This is why a project plan is created. 

A Project plan answers these simple but important questions for any project:

A project plan is the right first step in starting any project. Clarity achieved with a project plan increases the likelihood of successful completion of the project.

Benefits of a project plan are as follows:



Different tools are used for different parts of project planning as follows:

How to?

Do’s & Don'ts



1. Be specific.

2. Define milestones in agreement with the stakeholders.

3. Place each activity on the project timeline.

4. Call out what’s not included in the project plan.

5. List out any assumptions made.

6. Have key stakeholders identified.

7. Consider any risks or contingencies.

1. Don’t overallocate work.

2. Don’t assign work randomly.

3. Don’t forget to account for non-working days.

4. Don’t plan without considering stakeholders and team members.



Suggested Tools 



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