Why Use Cubyts for DesignOps Today?

A thorough breakdown of everything you can do with Cubyts' platform and how it ensures the proper use of the DesignOps practice

Why use Cubyts for DesignOps

As proven by various data points by DMI, Gartner, and the like, design is becoming a force to bring differentiation to your product, improve customer loyalty, and impact business value. However, operationalizing design requires a lot of careful planning, standardization, and well-orchestrated collaboration between people and tools.

A few years back, the NN Group proposed a simple and elegant model that we could all use to understand the purpose of DesignOps and follow what it aims to achieve.


It’s essentially a triad that addresses:

  • How Designers work together – Collaborate and organize
  • How Designers get work done – Standardize and manage
  • How Designs create impact – Measure and communicate

This is where Cubyts comes in.

It orchestrates People, Processes, Projects, and Tools to give you the right combination for your unique DesignOps need. 

Why choose Cubyts?

As an agency, you can use Cubyts to plan and deliver your design projects, bring process orientation, build a culture of accountability, and also track your team’s health by observing their utilization.

You can invite your clients and other stakeholders (other agencies, engineering team, etc.) to collaborate on projects. You can free up around 40% of management time with Cubyts and Cubyts can empower your team to learn from past projects through organized standards and project repositories. 

As a multifunctional product team, your team members have their own favorite tools. You use slack to communicate, Jira to capture backlogs and manage product delivery, and cloud drives to store all deliverables, whereas your design team loves to work in their own way to deliver awesome designs using tools like Figma.

With Cubyts you can bring everybody together. You can use Cubyts with the tools that your team already loves. While reaping the benefits of design inclusiveness through Cubyts.

As an enterprise, you can use Cubyts to bring people, processes, projects, and tools together and help the organization in accelerating design maturity through design standardization, design knowledge management, and design competency tracking.

In most cases, as a rule, product requirements are defined in a different tool, design is done in a variety of tools, and design assets are transferred to engineering in a different tool.

In order to ensure visibility and transparency, you need a central dashboard that coordinates with various tools.

Cubyts is a DesignTech platform that helps you manage your team’s workflows, processes, and design projects. With Cubyts, you can easily keep track of who is working on what, when tasks are due, and how progress is being made.


1. Orchestrate & Optimize People, Data & Activities

As design scales, the need for a holistic approach to design operations becomes more apparent. At Cubyts, we understand that people, data, and activities are all interdependent, and must be orchestrated and optimized in order for an organization to function at its best.

Some of the specific ways in which we optimize people, data, and activities include:

  • Developing custom reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights into organizational performance
  • Standardizing and implementing processes that increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Organizing and accessing all kinds of design documents with ease, under a single source of truth.
  • Assess team health, plan allocations, and track utilization.

2. PeopleOps

A design team that is healthy and functions well is crucial to the success of any company. There are a few key things that you can do to ensure that your design team is healthy and operating at its best. Cubyts assess your team’s health, plan allocations, and track utilization.

  • Higher collaboration – Cubyts ensures a platform for collaboration for cross-functional teams to make sure the team is aligned with each other’s tasks.

  • Optimal utilization of team talent – Cubyts ensures that your team’s talents and resources are utilized effectively without causing burnout. It keeps track if your team is overloaded or overutilized.

  • Team Health – Cubyts keep a check if your team is happy with the job they’re doing. Do they feel like their abilities are being resourcefully utilized? These give you insights on whether you need to upskill your team, or if something needs to change internally.

  • Team Allocation Management – Managing your team’s allocation is important to ensure that everyone has an adequate amount of time to complete their tasks. This can be done through a tool like Cubyts, which allows you to see how much time each member of your team has available and what they are working on.

  • A mix of team competencies – Cubyts have created a self-assessment to assess and reassess your team anytime and check out team maturity and the recommendations it offers for improvement.

3. Build a powerful single source of truth - The Knowledge Repository

Many of the people we spoke to had trouble organizing, indexing, searching, and reusing design artifacts and content within the team and project.

Creating a single source of truth with a common repository of everything your team needs to get work done helps massively. Here’s how.

  • Easier to manage versions and maintain data history
  • Creates a single source of truth for all to use
  • Reduces redundancies
  • Eliminates data silos
  • Builds thought leadership

Ultimately, Cubyts creates a centralized organizational knowledge pool that saves time, reduces cognitive overload, and eliminates data duplication.


Core values you will derive from Cubyts

Here are 5 core values you will pick up the more you use Cubyts.


Break the silo - Bring together all tools under one platform

Cubyts helps by bringing all the tools together in one place so you can get feedback on your work from other team members easily. Plus, with our built-in collaboration features, it’s easy to get everyone on the same page and working together.


Create a culture of knowledge sharing - Best Practices

One way to ensure that your design team is functioning at its best is by creating a culture of knowledge sharing. This can be done by sharing best practices with your team and encouraging them to share their own knowledge with others.


Avoid reinventing the wheel every time you design - Design Process

When it comes to design processes, Cubyts helps you avoid reinventing the wheel every time. Our platform allows you to easily manage and automate your design processes, saving you time and effort. In addition, our process management features help you keep track of your progress and ensure quality control.


Standardization, document and operationalize your design wisdom - Design Standards

Cubyts can help your company document and operationalize the design standards. With the platform, you can easily create and share documents that outline your company’s design guidelines. Plus, our commenting and collaboration features make it easy to get feedback from your team on the standards.


Business Alignment - Aligning to organizational vision to ensure RoI & Impact

Cubyts will ensure that design initiatives are aligned with the organization’s vision and that the companies are able to see a return on investment (ROI) and impact from them. By doing this, we are able to ensure that our designs not only look good and function well but also contribute to the overall success of the company.


Cubyts is now available!

Give Cubyts a Spin. We have best-in-class security, periodic audits, and continuous monitoring to ensure that your data is always secure. Cubyts uses Sprinto to stay SOC 2 compliant.

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Note: Some of the features mentioned above are under development and will be released as soon as they are ready.